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Wireline Services
Open Hole Logging


Cased Hole Logs

Cement Bond

Used to determine the condition and top of cement

Gamma Ray - CCL

Used to the different ground formations

Gamma Ray - CCL - Neutron

Used to determine the relative porosity; helpful in determining gas and water bearing formations


Many uses: production logging, channel determination, and pipe integrity


Accurate down-hole pressure and temperature

Open Hole Logs

Gamma Ray - Caliper- Resistivity

Used to determine borehole diameter and to read permeability and resistivity of the various formations

​High - Resolution Density

Short space density for accurate thin bed determination


Slick Gun Conveyed Jet Perforating

Squeeze Shots



Cast Iron Bridge Plugs

With various sizes available, Goodwell, Inc. can set the wireline conveyed plug to fit your needs.

Video Camera Systems

​​Over the past 30 years, Goodwell has been involved with the video surveying of gas, oil and municipal water wells for inspection and maintenance purposes.


Currently, Goodwell uses the BT9600 inspection camera developed by Aries Industries. The water well inspection camera is a dual viewing color camera that has significant improvements over other well cameras available on the market. It uses a single camera module that tilts under operator control to look down the borehole or at the casing wall. It can be rotated 360˚ continuously to inspect the entire interior well diameter.

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